About Us

Mauritiuswithchildren is a site set up for informational purposes only. 

The founders are a group of expats and Mauritians, who wanted to provide useful and accurate information both to the tourists coming to Mauritius, but also the expats on the island. We have tried to pick useful topics to create content, that help those coming to the island, or living here, to make the most of their experience. 

Our intention is to avoid having companies advertising on the site, and we will intend to use affiliate links to minimise disruption. We will never use these at the cost of objectivity or the quality of information that we are providing. It is more the love of the island, more than a business which drives this website forward. 

Holidays - For Tourists

This is our section that is focused on those coming to the island for a few days or weeks for a Mauritian holiday, and giving as much guidance as we can.

With COVID likely to be a significant factor in modern travel, we will try and provide any insight we can in that regard also.

Resource Centre - For Expats

This is our section that is focused on those living on the island or those planning to come and live in Mauritius. We give as much as guidance as we can so as they can adapt easily.