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Invest in Mauritius

One of the main aims that foreigners choose to invest in Mauritius is by purchasing a residential real estate because it may help them to either relocate easier or getting a secure second residence. If one purchases in the right scheme for the right price, then permanent residence for the investor and their family is a reassuring guarantee, especially for those coming from less stable countries.

Residential real estate in Mauritius generally does not have the most exciting of rental yields. However, due to the limited amount of land in Mauritius, and the strong capital appreciation coupled with no capital gains tax, then the right residential investment here can work very well.  This can be anything from villas and large houses, to apartments by the beach. One has just got to make sure that one is well-advised as they are many developments that are either never built, or are built to such a poor standard, that foreigners can be taken for a ride. The courts can be a very slow and arduous place to seek any damages.

The property deeds and legal framework is based on the Mauritian civil code, so is very unfamiliar to most foreigners. There is a VEFA scheme that allows certain guarantees but you must get independent reliable advice.

Foreigners can, with permission, purchase commercial real estate here, and although COVID-19 has muddied the water somewhat globally, commercial real estate can be a very profitable investment here. There are a lot of opportunities in Smart Cities, as well as many business for sale, from hotels and restaurants, to management companies and banks.

General Notice

Our recommendation for a local firm to assist is an affiliate firm that we use for our clients. TBI Business Advisors  is a Mauritian consultancy firm that is run by British lawyers. The advantage is that they are independent and are not tied to any particular agent or development

How they can help

  1. They will discuss with you for your needs and requirements.
  2. They work with a number of trustworthy property agents and developers on the island to make sure that you can find the ideal investment.
  3. They will assist with setting up a domestic company or trust to purchase your property if required.
  4. They will assist with finding businesses for sale in Mauritius.
  5. They will assist with your permits and relocation if you are also looking to move over.
  6. They can provide any other services on the island through their partners, from investment opportunities, to specialist advisors. They also provide concierge services for certain clients looking to come to Mauritius and need a local partner with discretion.

Please contact Philip at TBI Mauritius or email at