When to go

January to March

This is the hottest and wettest time of year. It is also the time when cyclones are most likely to hit. Most tourists come in this peak season and are not disappointed. Picking hotels with a great crèche and kids club will make a difference if the weather takes a hot and wet turn. If not, the sea and pool should cool them down.

April and May

It is starting to cool down a little, although still expect it to be in the early 30s in the day. There are less crowds and better deals (except Easter), and the chances of really bad cyclonic weather reduce dramatically. A great time to be here. The children can spend more time out on the beach without needing to cool down.

June to September

This is the Mauritian winter. Expect high twenties in the day on the coast but it to feel a little chilly in the evenings at times. Bring something warmer for those dinners on the beach. It is a great time for the children and family to see Mauritius, the temples, waterfalls, animal parks and other attractions for kids. The weather can occasionally be mixed for a few days.

October and November

This is our personal favourite time of the year. It is starting to heat up but it is not too hot. There are not too many people, there are good prices on rooms, and there is very little rain. Whether the children want to relax around the pool, play with other little ones at the kids club, or go and see the cultural side of Mauritius, this works well.


One of the best months to come here. It is starting to get hot and busy. The whole of Mauritius starts to party from mid-December and continues to do so for a few weeks so a fun time, although pricy. There is a great energy, and despite the heat, it is still possible to enjoy all of the land and sea activities for children.

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