Relocation and Permits


Whether you fancy a year in paradise, or are looking to set up your business here and bring your family to Mauritius forever, it has become much easier in recent time to do so. We list below some helpful information about Mauritius residency and relocation. Furthermore, recent amendments to the law announced in the 20/21 budget will help those looking to come here, and provide added benefits. 


Occupation Permits

There are 3 different types of Occupation Permit in Mauritius. These are:

1. Investor (3 types)
2. Professional
3. Self-employed

If you obtain any one of these permits you then qualify to have dependents i.e. spouse and/or children including stepchildren or lawfully adopted children, under 24 years of age.

These permits are issued for a maximum period of 3 years renewable thereafter if you have abided by all the requirements and conducted yourself respectfully as a foreigner in Mauritius. It is possible to apply for permanent residence at a later stage.

Investor Permit Requirements

  1. Be a shareholder and director in a company incorporated in Mauritius.
  2. Should make an initial transfer of USD 50,000 or its equivalent in the bank account of the company.
  3. Business activity should generate a cumulative turnover of at least 12million rupees during the 3 years and a turnover of at least 2 million rupees per year. (If more than one investor, the initial investment and annual turnover will be a multiple of the number of investors).

Investor in high technology machines and equipment requirements

  1. If you want to bring in high-tech machinery and equipment as part of your USD 100,000 investment, you must still transfer a minimum of USD 25,000 and the equivalent of the remaining value can then be in high-tech machinery.
  2. The machinery must be used for the proposed business activity.

Investor for innovative start-ups

Option 1

An initial investment of USD 40,000 and a minimum operation expenditure of 20% on research and development.

Option 2

Registered with an incubator accredited with the Mauritius Research Council and a minimum operation expenditure of 20% on research and development.

  1. This scheme applies to companies conducting R&D in qualifying sectors but not limited to life and heath sciences, technology, ICT, fintech, biotechnology, nano technology, light manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and design.
  2. The R&D expense component should consist of at least 20% of total operational expenditure during the research phase.
  3. The Economic Development Board will assess, on a case by case basis, each project on its own merit to determine its eligibility to the scheme.

Professional permit requirements

  1. An expatriate employed in Mauritius by virtue of a contract of employment.
  2. Should earn a monthly basic salary of at least MUR 60,000. (ICT sector = MUR 30,000)

Application Process

  • All applications should be submitted online through the National E-licensing System.
  • Upon successful submission applicants will receive an automated acknowledgement email.
  • The application will be validated and let the applicant know via email or SMS if there is any missing information. The process is likely to take around 4 weeks.
  • Upon approval by the Prime Minister’s Office, an Approval in Principle email, valid for 90 days from the date of issue, will be sent to the applicants. You have 90 days to come to Mauritius, do the medical tests, pay and go to the EDB to collect permit.
  • If an application has not been approved, applicants will be informed and can submit an appeal only once for reconsideration within 30 days from the date of the turndown email.
  • Once approved the applicant should access the online system to complete the application and effect payment. (at this point the applicant should already be in Mauritius)
  • Payments can be done online prior to the scheduling of an appointment.
  • Thereafter an appointment will be scheduled and that is where you produce all your hard copies and original documents.

General Notice

Our recommendation for a local firm to assist is an affiliate firm that we use for our clients. TBI Business Advisors is a Mauritian consultancy firm that is run by British lawyers. 

How they can help

  1. They will guide you as to which permit is most appropriate and provide you with the latest documentary requirements and assist you with assembling these.
  2. They will assist with setting up a domestic company or GBC if needed for your business.
  3. They will submit the documents on your behalf to the EDB.
  4. If declined they will help with the appeal.
  5. Once approved, they will assist you with organising a medical appointment.
  6. If required, they will attend the appointment at the EDB with you to submit the original documents.

Please contact Philip at TBI Mauritius or email at