Expats Information Centre

Thank you for coming to our Mauritius site for families. This section of the site has been set up to try and inform and inspire those expats living in Mauritius with children. We have tried to create lots of basic useful information from important numbers, cultural and historical information, to where to go and what to do with your children whilst living here. We have also included links to useful partners who can help with business here, getting permits, investing in property and setting up companies. Our main focus however is on expats living in Mauritius as we are parents of young children and sometimes need some inspiration and other times need useful resources all in one place. 

Please let us know what other information would be useful to have on the site and provide any feedback as we are always wanting to improve what we offer.

The History of Mauritius
History of Mauritius
Weather in Mauritius
Climate conditions
The background of Mauritian people
Mauritian Population
Learning to speak Mauritian creole
Basic Creole
Emergency contact details in Mauritius
Useful Contacts
Relocation and Permits in Mauritius
Mauritian Residency
Doing business in Mauritius
Property in Mauritius