Doing business through Mauritius

People come to Mauritius for a number of reasons, with business being a significant one. Large amounts of money flow through Mauritius to invest in other jurisdictions using the stable democratic island as a base. Many come to invest here in real estate, which afford them permanent residence. Some are here to make the most of the cheap labour for BPO and manufacturing. The expats come from all over the world, and for many reasons.

What you need to know

Setting up companies in Mauritius is very simple, tax efficient and very useful for investment into Africa. You will need to find an appropriate corporate service provider and work out which company will suit your needs. This may involve Mauritian accounting firms or one of the management companies


Through the centuries, Mauritius was a hub for goods passing from East to West. It is strategically located in the Indian Ocean, and its positioning is still as relevant. Mauritius has for a few decades, concentrated on business ease, and has made it very simple to set up a company and bank account, even as a foreigner who doesn’t come need to come to Mauritius. Due diligence and KYC (Know Your Customer) is taken seriously, but if there is a genuine business, then there are some fiscal advantages to make the most of.


The law here is a fusion of English and French. There is a continuing drive here on good governance. The Privy Council of England and Wales remains the highest court in Mauritius. There are attorneys, barristers and notaries, each required for different elements of the legal services spectrum, often educated in France and England.


One of the main advantages of Mauritius, especially for investing in Africa, are the bilateral treaties, notably Double Taxation and Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements, which both minimise risk and give great tax benefits when using a Mauritian company, trust or fund.

Work and Life

Many come here for a quality of life that is sometimes not possible in Europe or elsewhere. One can be a few minutes from the beach, have a 20 minute commute to work, have cheaper private schools, low tax, staff to assist day-to-day, live in a multi-cultural and global environment, and have the weather and relaxed island vibes, all alongside the many innovative and exciting global businesses that continually set up here.

General Notice

Our recommendation for a local firm to assist is an affiliate firm that we use for our clients.  TBI Business Advisors is a Mauritian consultancy firm that is run by British lawyers.

How they can help

  1. Will discuss with you your needs and requirements.
  2. They will assist with setting up a domestic company, authorised company, trust, foundation, fund or GBC if needed for your business. They work with all of the most reputable corporate service providers and will recommend the correct one for your needs.
  3. They will assist with finding a property to buy or rent if you are moving here, or invest here.
  4. They will assist with your permits and relocation if you are also looking to move over.
  5. They can provide any other services on the island through their partners, from investment opportunities, to specialist advisors. They also provide concierge services for certain clients looking to come to Mauritius and need a local partner with discretion.

Please contact Philip at TBI Mauritius or email at