Basic Mauritian Creole

This section offers some basic vocabulary to help you get around the Mauritian language. As a result, we managed to create a unique approach which makes it easy and quick to learn. Whether starting from scratch to real-life conversation, the manual below will help you to learn the Mauritian creole with confidence.

The Mauritian creole language generally is a mixture of English and a kind of French patois. It was hence used long time ago by slaves during the French Era. As a matter of, fact, the language was preserved and it is used today by almost all Mauritians.

Moreover, we have created a small dictionary which has been divided into practical groups of related words and actions. We have listed below are a few guidelines on the pronunciation of Mauritian creole. Consequently, the best way to acquire the correct pronunciation is to listen the audios translations and once you start to communicate with others, you will find that most Mauritians people will be willing to help. We sorted the groups as follows: 

Greetings and Civilities in Mauritian Creole
Greetings and Civilities
Pronouns and Forms of Address in Mauritian Creole
Pronouns and Titles
Getting Around phrases in Mauritian Creole
Getting Around
Time phrases in Mauritian Creole
Numbers in Mauritian Creole
Days of the week in Mauritian Creole
Locations in Mauritian Creole
Eating phrases in Mauritian Creole
Shopping phrases in Mauritian Creole