Accommodation in Mauritius

When it comes to choosing an accommodation to stay with children in Mauritius, the aim is to have an enjoyable, relaxing and unforgettable vacation for the whole family. You will need to consider the children’s school holidays (if they are old enough), and then work out what time of year makes most sense. Although all of us at MWC live here now, we have travelled backwards and forwards with kids across the world and know the challenges facing parents arriving in Mauritius.

Our team have stayed at, or at least visited almost all hotels on the island, frequently with children in tow, and have some idea as to what it is to arrive after a 12 hour flight with a tyrant toddler throwing hissy fits for 90% of it. We have various blog articles which gets straight to our preferences and favorites for varying prices and locations, but if you venture further down this page we will try and address some other considerations for you to think about for your family holiday in Mauritius.

Things to consider

Have a look at our ‘When to go‘ page which gives guidance on the different times of year to come, as well as the different locations on the island, and you can work out which suits your family best. Do you prefer to eat at the hotel restaurant and not really leave the grounds, or do you prefer to head out every night into town to try different restaurants and get a feel for the place?

Do you prefer beautiful beaches, or do you enjoy hikes in the National park with your children diligently burning energy? Try and read the other pages on the website and once you have made it that far, then ask what your budget it, and then go to the blogs on the different levels of hotels. There should be some useful links to  independent reviews of each hotel of interest as well as the prices.

Luxury Family Hotels In Mauritius (10 Favourite List)

Luxury Family Hotels In Mauritius (10 Favourite List)

Below is a list of the 10 best luxury family hotels in Mauritius that…